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Do you like talking to random babes online? Well, if you want to up your game, and make things a bit more interesting, you should check out the 3DX Chat, which is a game that everyone will enjoy. Now, of course, this is not a free game, and you will have to download it, but once that is done, you will surely be able to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Instead of chatting with random chicks online, you get to explore this wonderful 3D world and meet actual 3D chicks, who are obviously, represented by real-life babes.

The game is made in a 3D world that allows you to walk freely, simulating the actual world we are living in. You are allowed to walk and visit any part of the world, and meet different partners. After a bit of chatting, if you two share the same tongue, you should invite the beauty to your apartment where the real fun will start. Of course, this game is meant for both men and women, as all of the accounts here are made by real people.

There are hundreds of hot sex animations, that you can enjoy as you have a fun night with your chosen 3D friend. The two of you are able to chat with each other, go on dates, and just do what you would normally do if you were to meet a hottie on the street. There are chicks looking for dicks as well as other babes. In addition, you get to customize your character in big detail, which adds to the magic of making your character resemble you and being able to find a partner in this incredible 3D world. You are even able to customize your room and play different games, such as spin the bottle or volleyball, as well as attend different parties, like the live DJ concert. This game really allows you to be free and explore their r3D world as much as you want, so have some download the game, and have some dirty fun with real people!

Review Pros

  • Great 3D game
  • 3D open world
  • Character customization

Review Cons

  • Can get repetitive

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