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Howdy friends – welcome back to yet another review here on our platform devoted to the latest and greatest in XXX gaming fun! Today, I'm going to be looking at a place by the name of Cartoon Games: you won't get any prizes for guessing what their focus is on! By the looks of the tour here, they've got a bunch of parody content featuring your favorite characters from various shows – question is, do they actually deliver the goods? To find out, I'm going to write up a full review and analysis on what Cartoon Games has to offer. Read on if you want the complete picture – I'll give it to you and then some!

Initial impressions

So the first thing to realize here at Cartoon Games is that accessibility is really quite good. To sign up, you'll only need to provide an email address and password – that's it. What makes things even better is that as things currently stand, access to Cartoon Games is completely free of charge: you won't have to pay to get inside. After you do go through the process and finally log in, you'll be presented with a list of 24 games that are currently available to be played here at Cartoon Games. The platform first launched in December of 2017 with just 7 games, so they've really accelerated their in-house production focus and now provide a massive cache of titles for everyone to try out. Let's talk a little more in detail about the gaming situation – it's important to get this right from the start.

The game situation

So all of the games featured here contain parody characters from popular TV shows. We're talking about the likes of Futurama, Family Guy, American Dad and so on – classics for the American cartoon scene, right? Well they've also got more recent productions covered too – I saw characters from Bob's Burgers and Rick & Morty, so that's pretty damn spiffy if you're someone who wants the modern angle as well as the old school one. Note that the context for the sex is always different here – the games all have a genre that is unique to their production and this basically means that you get to decide how you want to see your favorite cartoon characters fucking.

Parody artwork

Perhaps the most important review factor here is the accuracy of the parody artwork, which I can safely say is pretty damn perfect. I've watched a lot of Marge Simpson and Lois Griffin in my time – the way these guys render those two hotties is pristine and very much in alignment with how the characters ought to look. Hell, it's so convincing that I wouldn't be surprised if they paid the original artists from those studios to make these porn parodies! I also loved that they featured a bunch of minor characters from the shows, so Chief Wiggum and the Greased Up Deaf Guy if you want to – not that I think they're the most particularly sexually appealing characters I've ever come across!

Bonus XXX renderings

Now on top of all the great gaming fun, Cartoon Games also has a collection of XXX renders that I think you're going to enjoy. Put simply, these are videos that are produced in-house that have a plot, voice acting and so on to play out an erotic scene. I think what they've done here is actually borrow sounds from the original TV shows and animated erotic action to go along with it. My favorite series here was the 4-episode feature themed around Futurama. Amy, the Asian chick, looks like a total bimbo in this production and yeah – she can take a cock or two, that's for sure! A lot of time and effort has gone into these bootleg shows, so be sure to give them a watch after you sign up.

My Final Conclusion

Balancing up all of the available information I have on Cartoon Games – I think it's reasonable to say that signing up here is a really safe bet. The games themselves are fun, but it's the community element, the bonus content and the fact that you can join for free that really drives me over the edge. At the end of the day, there's little not to love about Cartoon Games – check it out for yourself and let me know how you went, because I'm convinced all cartoon addicts will have an absolute field day once inside! Okay gang – that's it from me. Thanks for reading and check back again soon whenever you need advice on the best places to go for XXX gaming action.

Review Pros

  • Free bonus videos
  • Really good graphics
  • Easy to play

Review Cons

  • Small game collection
  • Adverts inside

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