Cosmic Shock League

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5 Star Rating

Meeting a bunch of pretty hentai ladies and helping them unlock their deepest sexual desires is something I would never refuse to do, and how about you? You can do this if you play a game called Cosmic Shock League, coming right out of the Nutaku family!

What can players do here is get involved in match 3 battles against a computer opponent or a even real player. This can be very exciting, and you should know that a card battle system is an integral part of this game. There will be four cuties who require you to match a certain amount of one of the game board’s four colors. When their power bar gets filled, you can deploy them into a battle and have them utilize all their abilities, each of them having her own specific ones.

Each girl has a card which details her backstory and stats. You can acquire new girls via a loot box system based on timers. Just like other games from this site, this is also a free one, but if you want premium currencies and additional loot box options, this is the part where you will have to pay, of course – this is optional for the players. Now the game has more than 300 levels and dozens of different girls to choose from for the battle team you want to develop.

If you like the story of the game, you may also take delight in the fact that the graphics is remarkable, the animations are mind-blowing and the girls are really sexy. Many players who tried the game gave it some really good marks, saying it was fun and the gameplay was one of the best ever, so there is a high likelihood you will also be impressed by it and all its great features. Nutaku is famous for its good games, which are usually combinations of awesome adventures and numerous hot scenes with hentai cuties who really look flaming hot, so you wanna bang them even knowing that they are not real.

Review Pros

  • Good graphics
  • Innovative gameplay
  • Free to play

Review Cons

  • Only hentai girls

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