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Crazy Fake Taxi – The Fake Taxi Game

Based on the fantasy of the Fake Taxi porn site, Crazy Fake Taxi is a porn game in which you drive around some smoking hot chicks and then fuck them in the back of a cab. It’s one of the few sites offering car sex game play and it comes with some nice gameplay. The graphics are pretty good, because the game is built on HTML5, and it has a lot of customization. Let’s take a closer look at what this game is bringing to the players in our Crazy Fake Taxi review down below.

Play Crazy Fake Taxi In Your Browser

The first thing that impressed me about Crazy Fake Taxi is the fact that you can play it directly into your browser. It’s a quite big game, and the fact that they made the browser gameplay possible is pretty neat. You will get a lot of gameplay with this title, and that’s because of all the character combinations that are possible in the game. First of all, you will get to choose from three cars and there are customization options you can choose. Add nitro or fancy suspensions and create the ultimate sex cab. After that, you will be able to choose the driver.

There are three drivers. One is a classic cab driver from England, the other is a Jamaican guy with a really big dick, and the third player is a lady. That’s a nice addition, taking into consideration the fact that Fake Taxi also has a lesbian version called Female Fake Taxi. And after you choose the driver, you will be able to choose the passenger. There are three types of girls who can be fucked on the back seat of the cab. One is a party girl, the other is an escort and the third one is a sexy dominatrix. The combinations of these six characters will result in a different sex game play. This is what is making the game so big. The many sex possibilities that can happen in the cab will keep you playing for long. And everything is absolutely free.

Review Pros

  • Many Sex Possibilities
  • Characters With Different Personalities
  • Car Customization Options

Review Cons

  • Big And Might Load Slow

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