Crystal Maidens

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In the world of video games, the RTS(Real Time Strategy) genre is not quite popular, however, everyone who tries of Crystal Maidens is probably going to fall in love with the genre, and if the fun game play elements are not enough, then the beauties that can be discovered within the game definitely will.

The first thing that you are going to notice when it comes to this game that is free to play, is that the visuals are absolutely incredible, in pretty much every area of the game. The menu art style looks very nice, and it is easy to use, the characters are nicely animated when it comes to the RTS part of the game, however, the best part when it comes to the animations are all the animated sex scenes that you can unlock as you progress through the game and unlock more sex babes along the way.

While the game is quite easy to play, it is definitely pretty hard to master, because there are a lot of features that you will have to go through in order to complete the long story experience that the game offers. You will have to option to not only upgrade the skills of the maidens that you unlock but also your village. The upgrades and the item system is very complex, and that is probably because it has a very useful crafting system that will allow you to adapt to certain scenarios that you find yourself in.

While the game can be too easy most of the time, there are certain parts where you will have to test all of your skills in order to progress, but the rewards are definitely going to be worth it. Once you finish the story mode, or if you just want to take a break from it, you can also compete against other players in a similar way you would fight the AI while going through the story, but you would fight their army of seductive crystal maidens as well. Players who manage to climb the top of the ladder receive exclusive rewards, so if you are looking for something competitive as well, this game is perfect for you.

Review Pros

  • Free to play
  • Hours of content

Review Cons

  • Microtransactions

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