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Cumunista is the kind of game that appeals to the any man’s fantasy. Who wouldn’t want to have a perfect body and fuck hot models all over the city? That’s exactly what this game is offering. And it brings it to you in the best graphics available in the world of online porn gaming. The game is brand new. In fact, it’s so new that it’s still in beta. You have the chance to be amongst the first players experiencing this game. And if you register on the site right now, you get the game completely free. You really don’t want to miss this game.

It combines the intensity of a sex simulator with the fun you can have in an RPG. You will be a guy who moves to a new city and conquers every hot chick in town. I would like to see a GTA porn game version made by the same developers who created Cumunista. I’ve been playing this game from end to end three times and I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. But to really appreciate the mastery that went to into creating this game, you should read my analysis of it in the following paragraphs below.

The Gameplay And Sex In Cumunista

The gameplay is not that complex, mostly because the game is focusing a lot on the sexual encounters rather than on building up your character. However, you will enjoy the fun of walking around town and searching for chicks whom you can bang.

As mentioned, the story is straight forward. You start a new life in a new city and you’re the wet dream of any chick. Your avatar is a tall dark-haired man with muscles and tattoos and also a massive cock. With those advantages and with quite some cash on your side, you can literally have any woman you meet in this game.

And the sex is so satisfying. The vibe of the game is the same as in the new glamour porn sites of today, in which the girls are enjoying the sex just as much as the men fucking them. There’s everything in this game, from blowjobs and deepthroats to pussy drilling, cowgirl riding and lots of anal sex. The graphics of this game and the attention to details are making the sex so great, and I’m going to tell you more about them in the following paragraph.

The Graphics And Physics In Cumunista

The graphics in this game are simply amazing. Although the characters are realistic, they keep that video-game aspect, so it doesn’t look odd like in the case of the old 3D games. Instead, the developers focused on the physics aspects of the game. For example, the body parts are responsive and I love the details that went in the hair, facial expressions and intimate parts. For example, after you take out your cock from a girl’s ass or pussy, it still remains gapped a little bit.

The facial expressions are excellent in the game. You will notice a change both on the face and in the moaning of the girls when you take the cock out of their pussy and put it in their asses. But that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy the anal drilling. The cumshot scenes are also amazing, because the game manages to simulate the flow of cum on these babes faces and boobs. And everything is completed by the way the developers played with light and shadows to integrate the characters in the environment and not make them seem just like some 3D models on a wallpaper.

Join Cumunista Now!

As mentioned, you can register on Cumunista for free . No bank info is required. Just a valid email address and the confirmation of the fact that you’re over 18 years old. Once you got your account, which doesn’t take more than one minute, you’ll be ready to play. Enjoy this game on any browser or device you want. However, I recommend playing it on the computer, as a bigger screen will offer you a more immersive experience.

Review Pros

  • Free Open Beta
  • Female Friendly Gameplay
  • Great Camera Angles

Review Cons

  • Ads inside
  • No forum

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