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If someone told me about a porn game that has a really good gameplay, fantastic artwork and a lot of more awesome free games that are on the same site, I would waste no more time and definitely go visit the place the minute I reached my computer!

There are a lot of cool games like this, but Fap CEO is certainly one that has to be checked out. It cannot have the highest ratings for no reason, so I wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about. I did not regret, if you want me to admit it. There were definitely some hot things there to see. If you are like me, you will probably be interested in taking up a sex-filled journey, which will gradually result in you creating the most incredible video chat empire that ever. First you get to meet Amber, who is going to be your assistant and here for you as you dash through the whole process of creating a live streaming adult website. Her assignment will be to help you fuck as many pussies as possible, alongside with helping you make money by exploiting you mouse as much as you can until you get tired.

What you will also do is unlock some chests and find a bunch of goodies you can take delight in, like a rose, buttplug, and other things. The babes who will work for you come with different sets of qualities and personalities. Some will be shy and modest, others will actually be more forward and sly. One thing is for sure, they will all be incredibly hot. If a lot of the gameplay is your cup of tea, this will be something you will enjoy. If sometimes you find it a bit tiring, you can forward things by unlocking special crates, but only if you are willing to spend a few bucks. What you may find irritating though are some time gates. Also, unlabeled settings buttons can be quite annoying, but these two are the only flaws of the game.

Review Pros

  • Really good gameplay
  • Fantastic artwork
  • Free games

Review Cons

  • Some timegates
  • Unlabeled settings buttons

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