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Time to visit one of the kinkiest porn blogs ever!

Are you used to visiting porn blogs? If you are not, you should give it a try, because there sure is a lot of juicy content there, especially if you visit the place called The minute you enter the site you see they mentioned NSFW ramblings. Whether this means not safe for work, not suitable for women or now show friends and workmates - only they know, but it is definitely something you will want to share with other people as soon as you check it out. It piqued my attention because of all the weird hentai pregnant trannies that I saw there and I can certainly say it is a strange place with peculiar things to see - in my opinion, quite unique. I liked the drawings, and the topics are very informative, they keep the readers updated constantly, so they can see new patches, updates and all the stuff that you need in details. I see they really know what they are writing about, and this is where you will have a good time reading about things you take delight in.

Let me tell you more about this Fenoxo fella!

Unlike on other sites, this blog does not really have About Me section, so only if you check it out on Google will you find out that the brain behind this operation is a minotaur who writes about what he is keen on, and trust my word –he is a real pervert. He is connected to a big number of quite dirty and kinky sex games and has some rather peculiar talents that might astonish you to learn about, like sucking his own boner and firing portals from his ass. What do you think about that? Is it something that turns you on, or do you think it’s way too bizzare? It goes without further saying that the topics here are completely unusual for the taste of most people, so you should not expect something you are already used to seeing and reading about on sex blogs and similar blogs of this kind. People who are into really kinky stuff are more likely to be into this, yet all of us can take a peek if we just confirm we are over 18. It turns out he is really popular on the internet, exactly because of the matters he covers on his blog, and we are also talking about some extraordinary games behind which this team of workers operate. 

It has a considerable number of followers because it is great!

It was quite jaw dropping to see how many loyal followers the guy has, and we are talking several million views each month! Even though the artwork is rather weird, because you get to see stuff like huge titted shemales gifted also with enormous cocks, who are pregnant and busty witches wearing underwear that looks like actually hurting their clits – it is stunning and a lot of attention was paid to the details to make it all look perfect. What I specifically loved about the place beside seeing the community is pretty much active are also the facts that here you get to see some awesome stories that are free to read, just like you have an opportunity to play free games that are dirty as fuck. There is a forum and chat, so you can meet others who share your interests and who thrive in discussing all these kinky actions only seen in Fenoxo’s games and blog.

It can seem a bit confusing, though, especially if you are not informed

If you do not know much about Fenoxo and his games, visiting the site will be confusing to you, because it is made in such a way that newbies do not see all the information they have to, there are no sections to tell you more on who we are talking about, you have to investigate a bit by yourself. There is a lot of content to read, but you need to know in advance what it is about, if you just start reading a text from the blog, you will not know anything about it, and also the amount of texts to read is huge, with not many sexy images as you might expect. The whole reason we enjoy porn is because of the images, and here there are only few to see. If you scroll down the texts, and read most of them, than you will see or have some general idea what the games are about and see if that is your cup of tea or not. There are no real life ladies, only hentai world is available here, so it is the best for those who dig animated creatures and all the creepy and unusual story lines you can expect when it comes to this type of porn.

What are my final thoughts on the matter?

Personally, I find this blog very good, feeling it is creative, one of a kind, the artwork is fantastic and needless to say, by the number of views each month you get to see the writer really knows what he is talking about. Yes, it takes time to get used to it a bit, since it is not something we usually see and read when it comes to porn. However, I was definitely not bored reading about game patches and new interesting things that had to be explored. Maybe you dislike the amount of text, but on the other side, maybe that is exactly what you need in order to be satisfied – you like reading everything in details to know what you are dealing with. I would give it a big thumbs up and visit it over and over again, and I suggest you also pay it a visit from time to time, just like trying out Fenoxo’s games.

Review Pros

  • Tons of text
  • Enjoyable artwork

Review Cons

  • Tons of text
  • Not many images

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