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Gay Simulator – Hentai Gay Simulation

Do you like hentai games? How about a gay sex simulator where the hot guys are anime characters? That’s what you will get on Gay Simulator, a free online game in which you get to customize your gay fantasy as you please. The action is pretty hardcore and it comes with all kinds of scenarios. If you have gay dreams, this is your chance to enjoy some adult entertainment in a more interactive way. We’ve took a closer look at this game and put all the details that makes it awesome in the following paragraphs of this Gay Simulator review.

Customize Your Gay Fantasy

The best feature of Gay Simulator is the fact that it lets you customize your fantasy in the smallest details. First of all, it lets you choose if you want to play as a top or as a bottom. Unfortunately, there is no versatile gameplay, so you won’t be able to switch teams during the game. But you can finish playing as a top or as a bottom and then restart the game to choose the other option. More than that, you can choose the body type of the characters. You can go for the teen twink characters, choose the average body type or the muscular hottie. Any character you choose, they all have abs and handsome faces, because they are all built on the hentai type.

Besides that, you can also select the penis size with which you will bang these hot dudes. You can go for small, average or big dick, and the game intensity will change as you choose a bigger penis. Once you created the characters, it’s time to choose the adventure. There are lots of fantasies included in the gameplay, including gay soccer team mates, enemies who are fucking each other, even gay space sex. The games are built in HTML5, so both the graphics and the physics are on point. There is also some provocative background music to put you in the mood and some hot sex sound effects, but no dialogue or plot line. It’s all about raw sex in so many positions and with so many additional kinks. And everything comes for free.

Review Pros

  • Character Customization
  • Hot Gay Anime Characters
  • HTML5 Sex Gameplay

Review Cons

  • No Dialogue
  • Ads inside

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