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Grand Fuck Auto – GTA Sex Game

Grand Fuck Auto is one of the best online GTA sex games on the internet. What makes this game different form all the other titles is that it is a copy of the GTA game play style, with an open world in which you will get to do everything you do in the original game play. But on top of that, all those sex scenes that we didn’t get in the original GTA titles will be enjoyed in Grand Fuck Auto. Basically, you will have to pass missions and once you do, you will get erotic rewards. Let’s take a closer look at what this game is offering in the Grand Fuck Auto review below.

Graphics and Gameplay in Grand Fuck Auto

Although the game is from the HTML5 era, it’s also from the beginning of this era, so the graphics are not hyper realistic as they are in the titles launched in the past year. But if you are a true gamer, you will know that the graphics are not what matters. What matters is the game play and the gameplay in this title is awesome. You will start in your car. You will get to drive around and complete missions. Once you complete a mission you will get some kind of kinky reward. The rewards can also be enjoyed in sex game play.

They start with basic ones, such as a hooker that you will get to fuck. The more you advance through the game, the kinkier the rewards will be. I love this type of adult gaming, because it makes me feel like I earned the sex game play, which makes it all the more enjoyable. But the game you will have to play to get to those sexy rewards is also enjoyable. I had the same feeling that I used to get from playing the first instalments of GTA. The open world is only available in car drive mode, so you won’t walk the streets punching people. All in all, it’s an interesting title and the best free GTA porn parody available on the internet.

Review Pros

  • GTA XXX Parody
  • Open World Game
  • Sexy Rewards

Review Cons

  • Just Driving Gameplay

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