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Hornygamer.com was fun to review and I kind of found it cute

If you are a horny-ass geek, it is time you come across something you may or may not have heard of – the site called hornygamer.com! As someone who likes exploring sex sites, especially when games are included, this one was also something I gladly checked out for all of you guys who are just like me, who love playing sex games and knowing as much as possible about them. There are just too many sites like this nowadays, and it is important to know which ones are actually really worth your while. Is hornygamer.com one of them? Let me tell you more about it and you will know. Just like always, I spent some time on this one, too. I love informing my readers whether something is good or bad, or even both. You know I like telling you as much as I can, giving you both upsides and downsides. Personally, and this is something you will see when you read the paragraphs that are yet to come, this one was enjoyable for me to explore, and I even find it cute in a way, with a little mouse clicking the crap out of his computer mouse on the main page, top right side.

Not many games, but I would say the quality is good

If you like a site that is easy to use, clean and contains around 100 games -Hornygamer.com is the right place for you! There may not be many games here compared to other sites, but a really good things is that there are no spam traps here, and I think you will like the games you get to choose from. There are titles like MakeOut Quest, Fuck Ahri, Sexy Skater, Your Sexuality, Fucking Trinity, Lesbian Nurse, Sophies Desires Part 1: Another Sexual Experiment, and others. I think the names are pretty catchy and attention piquing, just something you would gladly open to see what it is about. I opened the Sophies one first, and I was happy to see a description of the game above, which is not that common… It was a pleasant surprise. I learned that the game hero has a lesbian lover, but she swings both ways. I could also choose the language I prefer, which was another thing that I really liked. There was also help button, telling players exactly what to do and how to play.

The games are quite simple, some do not even need you to click on the screen

Another title that I just had to investigate was Lucky Patient 4. The description of the game told me that I could choose whether to fuck a doctor or a nurse. I loved both the alternatives. I could even fuck them both and cum on their faces. All in all, as you can see, it is was pure pleasure to play this game. And I realized after this one that all the games on this site can also be downloaded. There were some blurry parts that were censored, for example, you do not get to see the penetration process because it is hidden, but you do get to enjoy the huge boobs bouncing as the girl is being dicked deep. The game is made in a way you watch scenes, each scene showing a different perspective of the mating process. You do not even get to click much, just watch and relax. It is pretty much similar to just watching porn, but instead of real life chicks, you get animations where girls are depictedwith enormous boobs or really tight waists. They are out of ordinary, for sure.

Not all games are just about clicking and looking at the screen

If you are sick of just clicking, you will like the fact that some of the games actually require more interaction. The players can manipulate a vibrator or other object, so not all the games are pure clicking or just looking at scenes. If you choose a game called Hentai blowjob, she can show you her range of oral actions, how she does it. It is very enjoyable. If you choose Dildo, here you will move a dildo with your mouse, back and forth, in order for the girl to cum hard. There are some nasty games with bukakke scenes, if you prefer something like this. Who doesn’t? When we are too horny, we just want to see everything, no matter how kinky or dirty it seems. We are no prudes and we love all the steamy action. There may not be as many games, but all of them are of good quality, giving people exactly what they came for, and that is beautiful naked chicks getting pounded, creamed, being pleased to the point of screaming loudly and sexily.

Personally, it is a good site with few games of good quality

So, I think the only flaw of the site is the fact that only few games are offered, there are not as many pages as on other places of this kind, and since the games are rather short, you will not spend a lot of time here. You can explore it all in no time. However, the games are quite easy to navigate, some of them do not even ask you to click much, they are fun and there will be no spam trap, unlike on some other sites. To me, it is a good site, worth visiting at least once in a while. I think you will like it, too, because the titles are catchy and it has all that it needs in order for you to get horny real soon. As for me, I think I will try out more games, maybe even all of them, to see what all these titles are hiding. I am very curious, because some of them are pretty eye catching. Also, there is a list of friend sites, and I can say I really like some of them.

Review Pros

  • Games are free
  • Good artwork

Review Cons

  • Small number of games

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