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Strategy games can really make your day, particularly the ones that are really, really good and well-honed, and when flaming hot sexual content gets added, too, things get even more exciting. With some hot scenes taking a back seat, Kamihime PROJECT R is an adult game from the Nutaku site and this one is more about the gameplay and strategy than some other ones are.

The story of the game is lead by a vigorous young warrior who is exploring some pre-historic landscapes and finds an ancient artifact known as the “Device”. Thousands of years ago, an apocalyptic event completely ruined an ancient civilization – you might have heard of Ragnarok. In order to prevent the second coming of it, the hero of this story starts an epic journey. During this adventurous journey, Alyssa helps him, his friend from childhood, and together they recruit souls called Kamihime, just like the powerful Eidolons, who will assist them during their thrilling mission that brings the players a lot of fun.

There are a lot of good comments about the writing of the game, and the players specifically enjoyed the dialogues of the characters that are said to be very creative, engaging and one-of-a-kind, since a pinch of humor was also a part of it. The graphics also amazed the players, and it can be seen that the artists really knew what they were doing while working on this project to make it all look really good.

When the characters speak, it is all voiced by actual people, and the sound is remarkable. This also brings us to the music, another thing which shows that the creators of the game really put a lot of effort to make something incredible and perfect, since it is actually quite heartfelt and nice to listen to. Some players even said that they slowed down the story progression several times to enjoy the background music a little longer. With all these phenomenal things, once you get to the parts where characters actually get to bang, everything is even better and more enjoyable.

Review Pros

  • Great game play
  • Great writing
  • Very good graphics

Review Cons

  • Nothing

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