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Beside getting you horny and inspiring you to cum easily, porn games can also have other qualities to show off. For example, some of them are designed to shock the players and give them the weirdest, yet sexiest time of their life. Extreme Monster is one of the places where you can find the games that are not just made to turn you on, but also to help you face your fetishist side you do not like showing to anyone else.

Not most folks want to admit this, but many of us find it quite arousing to see a slutty babe who is way out of most people’s league getting boned by a huge monster who is looking terrible, yet has a cock that is pussy-wrecking. A team of people put a lot of effort to create something that is different and unique, creative, insanely kinky, yet incredibly tempting and all this in the form of a porn gaming site.

Before mentioning anything else, here are some features of this website – players can enjoy very good graphics, games that are easy to play and free, it is something that the fetish players will like the most, age and registration confirmation is required, and let’s not to forget to mention alluring chicks with hot bodies that will make your mouth water the minute you lay eyes on them. Having all this written, it is time to say something about the content of the games.

Furry werewolves, large spiders, not very attractive orcs and other vile monsters with enormous dicks will share their experiences of enjoying hot sexual activities with pretty fairies or warrior chicks in leather, which are looking extremely attractive. By choosing the character before starting to play, you can show what your preference is and be an alien, beast with a huge cock, horse, werewolf or a horny slut. Whether you get a kick out of fucking your neighbour, helpless scared girls or some other pretty girls, anything will be available to choose from on your way of signing in.

Review Pros

  • Very good graphics
  • Easy to play
  • Free sex game

Review Cons

  • Nothing

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