MyCandyGames is a collection of sex games that should not be missed

When life gives you lemons, you make yourself some nice lemonade, and when life gives you, you stop doing what you are doing at the moment and go explore the crap out of this site! Why am I saying this and why am I so poised to make you go play games from this website? Well, first of all, it is freaking awesome! I know there are so many sites like this and I reviewed a lot of them, and when I say a lot – I mean a considerable number of all the things I could find. However, this is a really cool place with a big collection of free erotic games that no one who is into this would not want to miss. From the minute I saw it, I knew I was going to spend some time here, browsing through all the pages, seeing what these fellas have to offer to their visitors. And I was not disappointed. There are many games here that are really enjoyable, and are worth your while. I am going to tell you more on the matter, just continue with the review.

The cool thing is that there are many categories to choose from

When you enter the site, you immediately see that there are approximately 30 games per each page, and the pages are numerous. You can choose to play the most rated and played ones, or just check out the new stuff. There are adventure, meet and fuck, group sex, monster sex, school girls, logic, porn stars games and there are even more categories. It is pretty awesome how they organized it well, so we get to choose the exact things we like the most. For example, if you pick to view the porn stars section, you will see a bunch of famous ladies you are used to seeing on mainstream porn sites. Things they do here go beyond your imagination, and the best thing is that, instead of just watching them, you get to control all their moves. There will be some pop ups of nude ladies posing and touching themselves, but it is actually quite enjoyable, I think you won’t complain. There will be some sexy strippers and young hotties who will do anything to turn you on, and they know exactly what they are doing.

Categorized content is what I really love about the site

I specifically like how the site is organized. Everything looks in order, and you just click your way to what you want to do. There are some adverts, which is not the best thing on the site, but I think it is not a big deal, since they do not really hit you in the face like some other places. The fact that the content is categorized is really helpful, and I wanted to see, for example, what does the fuck town section have. All the games here are hentai (actually most games from the site are), but I liked the artwork and you can say that the animations compliment the ladies well. Furthermore, you can choose cleaning, maids, sports, street girls, night rest, Christmas, Thai, casting, etc. This depends on what you like seeing the most, but I think you will want to check it all out, they are pretty much similar, offering you a huge number of titties, plump asses, blowjobs, astounding pussy penetration and so on. I like how you really get to enjoy mating of two people, even though they are not real life.

When games are easy to play and full of steamy content it’s a shame not to try them out

To proceed, the games are pretty much easy to play and operate and even older people who are not very computer savvy can learn fast how to get what they want, and that is pure pleasure from seeing the slutty cuties naked and in action. Usually it is just clicking. Like on other sites of this kind, you need Adobe Flash player, otherwise you will not be able to open anything. The annoying part were the adverts while the games I opened were loading, and some of them took a while to open. Each game has its ratings that are below, so you can see how other players liked it as well. If the ratings are low, you do not even have to bother waiting for the game to load, yet there were no many games with ratings like this. I think people mostly just enjoy how they are free, easy, full of juicy content that we all came here to see in the first place. Also, the games usually have instructions that help you manage your way round, without having to bother much.

To sum up, this is a website I would visit again for sure

All in all, this is a pleasant site to spend your time when feeling horny, with a lot of steamy content and busty animated or real life ladies. Games are easy, instructions are clear and forward, they are completely free and everything you really need is here – even people who have no idea about anything that has to do with internet and computers would be able to succeed seeing what they came for. There are lesbian games for those who are into girl on girl action and there are more kinky stuff, like games with monsters who do insane things to horny ladies. It would just be shame to complain too much about adverts and the fact it is non-HTTPS. It should not cloud your judgment and this is a site I would definitely recommend to those who want to have fun playing with animated or real life titties, asses, cocks, etc.

Review Pros

  • Great artwork
  • Many porn stars

Review Cons

  • Some adverts
  • Non-HTTPS

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