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A review on and the games the site offers to the players

Have you ever had a chance to play games like Pussymon, Monster Dildo, The Sex Pit, Sophie’s Desire, Dickboy, Milfy city, Beach Balls? If you visit you will see all these games, and about a countless number of pages with many more games similar to these ones. This is going to be another review on a sex site, and I specifically love informing you about adult games, for I myself love playing them from time to time, checking them all out and seeing if they are good or not. I always love to see a considerable number of pages when I visit a sex games site, and here I was satisfied to see that there are plenty of games waiting for us all to explore them to the tiniest detail. I am not really sure how many pages there are, but each page has about 20 games to open. I like the design of the site, even though there are some adverts. Yet, even the pop ups are extremely sexy, with a bunch of alluring dolls stripping or posing naked. A real sight for the sore eyes!

Should I start from the fact there are approximately 1000 games here for free?

Where should I start? Let me tell you more on the number of games you will have a chance to find here. It must be around 1000 of them! This is cool, isn’t it? And not just that you have so many options, but you have games of different kind, so even if you do not like first 10 of them that you try, you will certainly like another 20, for some of them are about clicking, some of them offer you greater adventures. This site actually claims to own the greatest collection of sexual video games on the internet, and if you want to play all of them, it will take you quite a while to actually manage doing so.The best things is that they add new ones all the time, every week precisely, so even if you manage to once try them all out, there will always be new things for you to interact with here. This is a site that has lasted since 2005, so we are not talking about something new and modern. Even the design shows you it is older, but it is quite easy to find your way around.

Many awesome adventure games, but artwork is not that good

If you open a certain game, you will see the description of it, just like the category. For example, I opened Slut Quest 2 and I saw it was an adventure sex game. When I clicked on it, I got all games of this kind, and the number of them was not small at all. There were interesting titles like High School of Succubus, Sex Kitten 2 Vacation, Furry Beach Club, The Mad Professor, Game of Porns: Oddysey, Panties Tycoon, Get me Pregnant and so many more. To be honest, I did not know which one I should open first, because all of them sounded equally sexy. But, back to the Slut Quest, there were also screenshots of the game, so that you can see before you start playing it if that is going to be something you will like. I did not really like the screenshots of this one, because the artwork was not that impressive at all. However, we can forgive them, considering it is a very old site and they existed even when a bunch of these new things these days did not.

There are only few games with real life chicks fucking

The site does not differ much from other ones, since here you also see thumbnails of the games, looking pretty much like everything else you find on other places of this kind. Yet, the links lead the players to some sex-themed video games that are different. Even though most games are hentai, there are some with real life ladies. For example, that would be a game called Booby Roofs, or maybe Lesbian Party. You may find one game of this kind on every fifth page, so do not expect much real life action, everything is animated, and some artwork is insane, while some games are a bit ugly when it comes to the drawings. You may encounter some games that need to be paid in order for you to play them, and there is minimal sorting. You only have five categories: action, adventure, dress-up, puzzle and cartoon. This part is not very impressive, and you do not get to choose from what you like the most. There are no tags or anything, but do not let that make you like the site less.

Conclusion when it comes to the website

To be honest, here are sex games sites that are way more engaging than this one. There are the ones that are way better designed, crafted, with more insane artwork and animations, story lines, adventures… However, this is something that has lasted for over a decade, they were here when many of awesome great stuff was not. Nowadays they really do stunning work with porn sites, designs are amazing, models are mouth watering, animations are really complimenting the babes… This is not one of those sites, but it does not mean you should not give it a try. The good thing is that it is free, you do nothave to pay for anything, just click on what you like and see what happens next. Bad things are the lack of categories and tags, so you cannot choose what you like the most unless you find it on the page and spams. However, even the spams are really hot, with all the insanely seductive girls either stripping or dancing, doing something that really make your mouth water. I would visit it if I were you, to see for myself what I think about it.

Review Pros

  • 1000 of games
  • Free to use

Review Cons

  • A lot of spams

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