Narcos XXX

Porn game addicts will be happy to hear about another adult-focused video game which has a good gameplay – Narcos XXX. Let’s start with this piece of information – when you start with your membership to the Narcos XXX website, it actually comes with free bonus access to many other awesome things. Even in case you do not like this one particularly, it is worth seeing what all the other awesome games can be found here.

Now, when it comes to Narcos XXX itself, it has been developed on the Unity engine, which means that you can use WebGL API to bring you gaming action and there is no need for a plugin. Another games that used this engine are Kerbal Space Program, Rust and Hearthstone. Before actually starting the game, you will be able to read the instructions.

Here’s what is important to know : there is a standard WASD movement key bind setup, which enables left click to be fire, right click is the kick door, grenade is G and reload is R. This is all you need to know in order to play it right. It is very simple and not at all difficult to understand and master the controls.

The hero of the game finds himself arrested with two other fellas who are naked, after boning a chick on a boat. Once you are actually in prison, your task will be to get out of it the way you can! During this adventure, you can expect different sorts of things happening to you, in order to make it more exciting. The gameplay is said to be well optimised, with the game using an isometric shooter approach to its rendering. This might be a little bit hard to get used to, but if you liked PlayStation way back in the day when it was popular, you will also enjoy playing this. The juiciest things come after finally finishing with shooting your enemies and saving the girl. This is when the things start to turn sexual. If you don’t mind some chrome bugs, this is a game that is worth checking out!

Review Pros

  • Engaging gameplay
  • Free bonus sites
  • Free gangster games

Review Cons

  • Not https
  • Some chrome bugs

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