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Nutaku is a very reputable site and it is well-known for its awesome porn games that make addicts out of the players since as early as January 2015 and there are a lot of good reviews and amazing comments when people talk about this creation. If you have never tried playing anything here before, it is high time you found some time to examine the site and see all the things that wait for you there.

The site is said to have the best selection of hentai games, and since hentai porn is quite popular these days, many people get a kick out of this idea. One of the hot hentai games is a fantastic Japanese-style fantasy clicker RPG named Non-Stop Goddess, a game for Android that brings the players a lot of pleasure because of its cool features and wonderful content.

Living during the Heian period of Japanese history, the hero of the game is a Samurai, and this is a time when humans and demons co-existed, so you can expect a lot of epic adventures while fighting against evil. Alongside with this, there will be cool amusing stories about humans and monsters, which spice everything up and make it more complete. The real warriors here are actually the beautiful babes who make your powerful harem of goddesses, and they fight for you constantly. When you click or tap the girls, you will have a chance to see so many cool things, for example you can get a surprise and meet all your fantasies, unlock more than 20 sexy albums of tempting cuties and more spells that your little sexy fighters later use.

The team can be customized and geared up to perform even better and a lot of rewards await if you climb the dungeon leaderboards. The animations and visuals are really good, the bodies of the babes are perfect and the game is full of sex scenes. Downsides of it would be some disappointing sex scenes, according to some of the players’ comments, microtransactions and lack of customization.

Review Pros

  • Very good graphics
  • Free sex game

Review Cons

  • It has bugs
  • Not much game play
  • Lack of customization

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