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If you are looking for a free sex game that is a bit better in quality than the majority you can find on the internet, then Pocket Waifu is definitely something that you want to check out, especially if you are into the concept of having a waifu, which is exactly what the game is about.

Currently, there are ten characters that you can interact with, and of course, like in any waifu simulator, you can date more than one at the same time, which is perfect if you ever had a fantasy of having your own harem. While the game is currently only playable in the browser, the developers have hinted that the game is going to be available on the Android platform very soon, which actually makes sense, considering how the game is called.

When it comes to interacting with the sexy beauties that you can find in the game, there are all kinds of animated sex scenes, with more being updated from time to time. Other than that, you get the ability to choose between all kinds of naughty outfits for your waifus, and while some of them are very sexy and boner-making, other ones are rather cute looking instead, so it can be easily said that there is a little bit for everyone in this game.

Naturally, the game also has some other interactions like mini-games, where you can compete for high-scores which will make the waifus more attracted to you, and you will also unlock additional content within the game the more of these mini-games you play. Besides the waifu customization, you can also customize your house as well as your garden where you can grow things in order to make the currency that allows you to use various features that the game offers.

Overall, the game is very fun, especially if you are into the anime style and the collection genre that the game offers. The best part of the game is probably the development team that is behind it, as there are constant updates for the game almost every month, which always bring something new to explore.

Review Pros

  • Free game
  • High quality

Review Cons

  • Microtransactions

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