Sacred Sword Princesses

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4 Star Rating

Everyone who is a fan of anime and hentai probably always wanted to play a game where they can interact with some of the hotties that they saw in their favorite series, and while Sacred Sword Princess might not offer your favorite characters, it definitely offers some of the hottest hentai beauties that you will ever see.

While the combat models of these hotties are somewhat basic, the sections that are treated as a visual novel present them in their best light, which means that you will get a closer inspection at all of their curves. In order to play the game, you will have to register for free and download it to your computer, and at the moment, the game is only available for the Windows operating system. As the game offers quite a lot of content, you will need a bit more space available than the initial download size, and the amount of space required is probably going to get bigger due to the number of updates that the game receives, which is actually a really good thing.

When it comes to the game play, the experience you are going to go through is very story driven, as there are various quests to complete and lands to explore. It is a strategy game, which means that you will have to create your perfect party of hot beauties, where all of them have their unique abilities as they come with different classes and attack types. While the game focuses quite a lot on the actual game play, you will get rewarded with some sex scenes the more you progress through the story, and as you unlock more babes, you will get to unlock different sex scenes, as well as their nude forms that you can interact with whenever you desire.

Besides the story experience that you can do all on your own, there is also an option to play with other people around the world and progress through the story, however, there is also a player vs player environment to the game as well, which is great for those who want to be a bit competitive and measure the power of their hot beauties.

Review Pros

  • Free porn game
  • Premium quality
  • Hours worth of content

Review Cons

  • Microtransactions

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