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Sex Slave Games – The Wild Side Of Sex Games

When it comes to BDSM games, there’s a site I always recommend. That site is Sex Slave Games, because it comes with a diverse collection of bondage porn games that will make you want to jump through the screen and take part in the wild action of the punishment sessions that goes on in the action. The games come from multiple developers, so you will enjoy different takes on this kink. But all the games have proper BDSM sessions, with all the gear, ropes, chains and leashes that are part of a proper domination experience. If you know a thing or two about BDSM, you will be pleased by the type of action that goes on in the titles of the Sex Slave Games collection. Let’s talk more about it in the following paragraphs of this Sex Slave Games review.

The Most Addicting BDSM Collection

Once you will enter this fee porn game site, you will become addicted to playing these games and punishing helpless girls in merciless ways. The collection comes with both games in which you will be a master having fun with girl sex slaves, but also with dominatrices who are punishing sexy lesbian slaves. However, the site is not offering any bondage games in which men are the ones dominated. I would like to see some crazy femdom and cock and balls torture. When it comes to the things you will experience in these games, the main kinks are bondage, ballgagging, paddling, spanking, slapping, chocking, some crazy toy insertions, and lots of pain. The screams they feature in the games seem so realistic. That is why I recommend playing these titles when you are home alone or while wearing headphones. The ways the girls are tied up is very realistic. I guess the designers of these games either know how to do bondage or they have studied lots of BDSM porn before putting the action in these games together.

The Sex Slave Games Graphics and Physics

The Sex Slave Games collection comes only with HTML5 games. All of them were created after 2014 and they look splendid. Some of them are a bit older, while some were released in the past couple of years. That is why you will see a slight difference in the graphics quality. Because the games come from multiple studios, you will also find different character builds. There is one game that comes with hot Elves who are captive in a dungeon. There is also a game in which you will try your bondage kinks on a bride. In most cases, the babes have nice big tits, round asses and delicious looking pussies. Most of the action takes place in dungeons, cages and in one game all the BDSM is happening in an insane asylum. The physics are excellent, offering realistic movement and body positions. All in all, the site is offering some great interactive bondage content, which all comes for free and can be enjoyed directly into your browser.

Review Pros

  • Realistic Bondage Games
  • HTML5 Graphics
  • Sexy Pain Screams

Review Cons

  • Very addictive

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