Playing Sex Emulator: the expert opinion

Have you ever wanted to play a true sex emulation title that takes your adult gaming experience to a whole new level? Well stick around because in this little review, I'll be talking to you all about Sex Emulator and why I think it's one of the best mature titles in the genre that you can literally jerk off to in an instant. I've been playing Sex Emulator for the last few weeks now to get a feel for the game and good god is this a great polished product! Take a look at the full review down below and let me tell you what's so incredible about the Sex Emulator title. I've got no doubt you're going to want to play this once I'm done telling you all about it.

What's good about Sex Emulator?

To start things off here, let's go back to the very start of this game and how it presents itself when you want to sign up for the first time. The demo link that I've provided you with will assist you in getting a good feel for the game and how it operates, so if you're not too fond of what you're getting there, it might be an idea to check out the other reviews we have instead. After hitting the landing page, pick between the soft, hardcore and extreme buttons – don't worry, you can always come back and pick a different option later down the road. Since we're looking for a great XXX experience, I'm going to go ahead and select the extreme button: things do get pretty rough here, so only select it if you're into BDSM and all of that kinky goodness. If not, better for you to just go for the softcore or hardcore approach – it's fine if you're a little noob who's scared!

Once you select the mode that you want to play, you'll then have the ability to fully customize the first sex doll that you'll be having an experience with. This is a pretty comprehensive setup, but in the full version of Sex Emulator, you do have a larger number of choices to pick from. The demo currently gives you the ability to flick through ethnicities (I decided to go with Asian since that's how I roll) as well as hair color and breast size among a few other things. When you're done fiddling here, you'll also notice that you've got a select of skill bars that give you control over just how good the broad in question is at doing whatever it is you want her to do. For instance, if you're looking for great footjob material, slide it all the way to the top! This will mean that her blowjob and anal ability is reduced a little, but you can train that up later if you so desire.

Playing more Sex Emulator in the full game

You can continue to tinker with the demo or if you want the full experience, go ahead and grab an account. Do note that Sex Emulator is currently completely browser based, so this game is typically only going to be available to those on PC and mobile devices: I don't think they have a PS4 option available! I didn't have any compatibility issues with Opera and Chrome, but I can't vouch for other browsers, since those are the only two I give a damn about. The whole game itself is a real joy and yeah – the ability to customize the sex scene and emulation is just fantastic. The physics here are pretty impressive too, so I know a lot of you gaming porn nerds are going to love that.

The bottom line on Sex Emulator

The best way to work out whether or not you're going to enjoy Sex Emulator just involves you heading on over to the demo and trying it out. This is completely free of charge and gives you a good look at what the full release has to offer. I think that Sex Emulator is in a great spot right now and not too many porn games will be able to compete with it in the future. That being said, this title is still in beta, so I'll be sure to keep an eye on it and update you as and when I feel necessary. Thanks for reading and be sure to drop by any time you need reviews on great XXX games!

Review Pros

  • Free game play
  • Top graphics
  • Amazing physics
  • Solid demo

Review Cons

  • Adverts inside
  • Still in beta

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