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If someone offered you to see the hottest collection of game characters and experience wild sex with the ones you find the most attractive, would you do it? There actually is a way! Have you heard about XXX Chartered? Maybe you had a chance to hear of the popular Naughty Dog franchise series Uncharted, and if you liked this, you should definitely know about the adults-only version of it!

A porn game is always good, but when you add things like fantastic artwork, bonus games and free porn videos, not even the fact that there is not much game play and some ads might appear to bother you is that important. Grab your MasterCard and put this place to the test to see if it is worth spending your time on it.

But before that, there are some other things you may want to hear about. Taking a peek at the member’s area of the Gamer Access Hub will let you see titles like Cock of Duty, Red Bed Seductions and The Fister: Wild Cunt. These are parodies, which means that not only will you be able to enjoy hot naked babes, but you will also have fun when it comes to the story line and game play.

Another good fact is that the graphics are beyond awesome, for example, the shadows look quite fantastic and the lighting is really good, showing that the girls’ bodies are absolute perfection. There is an option for those who are only looking to watch the rendered 3D action and do not want to progress or control the game, and a ‘Story Mode’ enables them to do so after they select it.

There is even a voice over which explains the plot to you and the scenes from the games are extra long. It is all very detailed and the information that is given to you, just like the sexy activities, are quite consistent throughout. An exciting thing is that you can pick a POV cam, booby cam, director cut or climax cinematic if you prefer any of these things.

Review Pros

  • Very good graphics
  • Incredible artwork
  • Bonus games

Review Cons

  • Adverts popping up
  • Not much game play

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