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If you are a true porn games enthusiast, you will not mind hearing about one more that is great polished, free to play and full of stunning hentai chicks with perfect bodies you will want to bang even though they are animated. Rumblade is an amazing invention made by a group of hard-working people who knew what they were doing and created something addictive and kick-ass!

This turn-based RPG combines equal part adventure with strategy. When you visit the landing page you will be able to enjoy insane anime art work and screenshots of the game you will find arousing. Owned and operated by Nutaku, you can bet this is an another mind-blowing way to spend your day and get horny while enjoying sexy characters and even sexier scenes.

Even if you have faced troubles with Chrome compatibility, you should have no problems with this game. The minute you click on the play button, you will start because it does not have to be downloaded. If you press F11 when the game starts, it goes into full-screen, which will enable you to have more fun and see everything in details. There is even a little introduction part that gives you a backstory, with some classic Asian music playing in the background, making it complete and enjoyable.

Just like in Fap CEO (if you have tried this game before), you will have an assistant, and this time she is called Sanada Yukimura – your friend from childhood who gladly gives you all the information you need and later even her little horny pussy to wreck it good. As you progress, there are more characters for you to unlock and meet, and each of these girls are sexy and here to have a good time with you one way or another. Later on there will be a few pointers on daily rewards and a few other features to collect, so as you can see, there are always new things to do and experiment with in the game, there is no way you get bored easily.

Review Pros

  • Great polished game
  • Stunning hentai women
  • Free to play

Review Cons

  • No volume slider
  • Some time gates

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