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You like playing porn games, but feel sick of seeing same things all over again? Vanilla sex and good-looking babes who get banged by well-hung studs might not be as arousing when you see it constantly, so sometimes it is good to watch something new, different and unique.

If extraordinary things attract you more than anything else, SinVR is a good place for you to visit. It also provides the players with great VR experience, optimized software and 3D rendered fun you will not be able to get enough of once you start playing. Limited virtual girls and the fact that there is no OSX support are the only downsides of this game, so you might agree that it is a good idea to check it as soon as possible. SinVR is actually noted for its successful Patreon pledges, which currently stand at over $2,000 a month.

The focus is put on the weird things, such as pixie girls, dragons, Jessica Rabbit parodies and other cool stuff that is similar. The game is free to download and play, but if you are interested in a membership you will have to cover the cost, and this is also the case if you want to buy the girls. There are six different partners, including Alana Quinn, Gili Fox and Spank Me Harder.

Each girl has her own qualities, and since they are all different, there is probably someone here you will get attached to the most. They are expensive and you do not need a membership to use them. Another interesting things is that this interactive and easy to understand game comes with a trailer that introduces you to what you’re going to find inside. So, even before you actually take up the game, you will be familiar with what its characteristics. When it comes to the payment, the users need credit cards, PayPal or Paysafe Cards, and the subscription can be cancelled at any time. Also, some good discounts are guaranteed if you go down the monthly membership road if you choose to buy in advance.

Review Pros

  • Great VR experience
  • Optimized software
  • 3D rendered fun

Review Cons

  • Limited virtual girls
  • No OSX support

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